This is why you will love it!

Wouldn't the world be more beautiful when we feel happy more often? Most people think it is hard (or maybe impossible) to instantly be happy. We believe that it can easily be realised when you understand the power of your brain and how it impacts mood and behaviour. Curious how that works? You will find out on Happy Island in the way that suits you best!

Our house on a secret island is open for everyone. You can just relax in the unique house -a former oil tank- that has been rebuild and nicely decorated in 2018. Or visit Happy Island with your colleagues for tailor-made program Ketel24 about the power of your brain. And finally, to bring your happiness level to the max we designed some unique Sightseeing and Happiness Programs for you.

Happy Island is the best kept secret in the Amsterdam region. Here you can easily relax and catch your breath. On Happy Island you will re-discover yourself. Feel the sun and the water on your skin, hear the birds sing their lovely songs and enjoy a beautiful water scenery.


Just relax

Just stay on the island and be happy. More information >>

Get insights

With our 24 hour program for groups you learn everything about the power of your brain. More information >>


Explore & Relax

Especially for you we designed some tours and programs that makes you even more happy. More information >>

Op 20 maart is het International Happiness Day. Deze dag kan natuurlijk niet ongemerkt voorbijgaan op Happy Island. Daarom organiseren wij Jouw Geluksdag! en nodigen wij jou uit op Happy Island om te ontdekken hoe je geluk kunt trainen of vergroten. Dit is wat het je oplevert: je gaat ontspannen en opgeladen weer naar huis. Met inzicht & overzicht. Positieve energie. Ruimte in je hoofd. Meer balans en je staat meer in je kracht. Maar ook met helderheid om stappen te gaan zetten. En het kost slechts €175.